Alanna Meijers

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About Alanna Meijers

Alanna Meijers is a Mental Coach, NLP Coach, and experience expert. She teaches others how to grow and develop mentally and physically so that they can break through their limiting patterns and beliefs. So that they can stand in their own unique power.

Alanna Meijers

What we did

Alanna needed a platform to sell her courses and showcase her newly started business. The website focusses on lead generation, conversion and inspiration. It has a fully functional blog and the the shop is powered by wooCommerce.

My role

For this project I designed and created the WooCommerce theme from scratch. Alanna provided the branding elements and the content.

The result

The result is a fully customizable webshop with nifty solutions that get the job done. A great project to work on and a pleasure to work with Alanna!

Alanna Meijers