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You can hire me for small or big projects, local or international, I consider myself to be a true all-rounder; a freelance Designer, Web Developer and Product Owner. With more than a decade of professional experience, I still love to design, build and manage awesome projects!

I'm </ a Designer

It's no secret that a great user experience starts with a great design. With a profound love for the web, designing websites and applications has become my daily business. As an experienced media professional I am also capable of creating proffessional logos, corporate identities and more. As long as you need you design to be pixel-perfect, I am your man!

I'm </ a Developer

As a Front-end Developer I am able to breath life into any design. Using todays standards I make sure every project does not only look great, but also runs as smooth as silk. I always write code that is clean and easy to maintain. After 15 years of experience I worked with different frameworks, management systems and got the job done every time!

I'm </ a Product Owner

A Product Owner adds value and gives direction to IT projects. A successful project needs a Product Owner with vision and an Agile mindset. I translate wishes to viable user stories and prioritize them accordingly. Keeping the budget in mind, creating a road map for the future and more. The missing link between users, the business and development.

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I'm a freelance Designer, Front-end Developer and Product Owner with more than a decade of experience. I am certified, flexible and dedicated.

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